Sunday, April 19, 2009


The syrup we refer to here is Golden Syrup, easily available in Australia.

Measuring four tablespoons is a real bother. The syrup sticks to the spoon, and you have to dip it back into the jar with most of the syrup still clinging. Oh, don't get me started! A bit over quarter of a cup will be about the same measurement. You can warm the jar of syrup in the microwave to make it pour more readily, but don't overdo it - just a few seconds.

Did you know a Tablespoon is different in different countries? The Aussie tablespoon is 20ml. Here's a link to the Wikipedia entry on tablespoons for your information.

Mmm, that's syrupy!

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  1. Through trial and error, we also determined that the syrup at the top of the jar seemed to work better than the syrup at the bottom. Perhaps its thinner or less treacly or something? Anyway, the prize winners were deliberately made with a freshly opened jar to avoid the "thicker at the bottom" situation.

    Perhaps microwaving the syrup might make the difference less noticable.